Number 3.23:- Monday, 8. June 1998

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FlashNews - Paris:- Thursday, 11. June, 17:25

Air France Strike Over

In a surprise move yesterday, settlement of the nine-day strike by Air France pilots was announced. Air France can be expected to be operating its normal schedule by Sunday at the latest. All other airlines are operating normally. Find details in next Monday's edition.

Air France expects to have 50 percent of its domestic flights, and 40 percent of its long-distance flights in the air today with improvements expected for tomorrow.

All of Paris' public transport seem to be operating normally.

The Scots took over Paris yesterday to such an extent that the SNCF is running a series of fullpage-photos of them, and some Brazilian friends, in today's Paris papers.

The date-time above is correct - 17:25. Last weekend lightning was thought to be a cause of Metropole's Internet-access probelems. This turned out to be a busted box belonging to the access-supplier. Yesterday, the box broke again, and access to Metropole was cut again - for about 24 hours - until now. Knock on wood; we get another try. Do not adjust your set because it's ours that is haywire.

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