Number 5.11:- Monday, 13. March 2OOO

Update: Cuba Libre' At the Club - Club 'News' on Thursday, 16. March - No Music, No Salsa-ing, No Rum

Café Metropole - The Press and Metropole - Five Years Online Added To 35 Years In Print

Au Bistro - Here Comes the Queen Mary II - And Not a Moment Too Soon photo: morris: gouttes d'eau sur pierres brulants

Front-Page Freedom - Exhibition: The Press In Paris

The Whipped-Cream Strawberry Topped Deep-Fried Mars Bar - Calories Is a Good Word for It

Music, Rum, Music, Sun, Fun and More Rum - From Santiago de Cuba to Havana In Only Three Weeks by Linda Thalman

Scene - 'Fous' In Fayetteville Help Replant Versailles - More Coming Events Than Usual

Not Bubbleware - Metropole's Champagne - News About Your 'Café Metropole Club'

This Week's Paris Posters I

This Week's Paris Posters II

Ric's Cartoon - 'Don't Monkey With the Press'

Mailbox - Don't send cards; send eMail!

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