Moonlight Steps Out

photo: holes in the street

"I hope they get it fixed someday," Allan says.

Winery's Truck Falls Ill

Paris:- Saturday, 9. November 2002:- The 'hot' news this week - from tonight in fact - is from Allan, and it is below. It is about Café Metropole Blanc de Blanc going to its first official wine tasting competition - after being on sale exactly nine days.

Most winemakers might wait nine years before putting their wine in a competition where there are all these expert 'noses' highly willing to look down them at any upstarts that come along - so Allan took a risk, and didn't win a prize.

He foresaw this of course. To me he said he reckoned that getting a prize was unlikely simply because the wine is sort of the 'new boy on the block,' and these seldom get prizes because of all the lofty principles involved.

As you will read below, he shrugs this off and goes on about the business of getting the wine better known by spreading it around.

Meanwhile, a city works crew is constructing holes in the road outside the winery - for a bigger waterphoto: grapes pipe I think. Allan told me they were at it earlier in the year for some other reason, and this kind of explains why the all-purpose pickup truck is feeling kind of poorly.

It hasn't actually fallen into any of these holes in the road, but driving around them and the mounds of earth lying about have taken their toll. Two years ago when Allan told me his plans, the pickup truck was a major feature of them. He said he'd fill it up with a couple of cases of wine every morning and probably have them flogged by noon.

But the pickup truck was not a major topic during our long conversation on the phone, although I thought I could detect some worry about it.

No - there's a whole bunch of other items that need to get done. When it comes right down to it, the easiest part is making the wine and putting it in bottles, 'riddling' it for weeks or months or whatever it takes, and then doing the cork switcheroo thing and finally sticking on the label.

Well, then Allan also has to have the cork cover thing and a little label for the bottle's neck, and some packing stuff for the shipping boxes, plus the shipping boxes themselves. Each and every one of these accessory items requires some attention.

It makes me dizzy just to think this about it all. But then, so does doing this magazine.

This reminds me that several readers have written to congratulate me on getting the Café Metropole sparkling wine to market. I appreciate this, but it is Allan who thought this up and puts the grapes in the bottles for your pleasure.

I am certainly happy to be associated with this enterprize. Being able to say Metropole Paris is an Internet magazine you can drink is a 'first' worth more than a sneeze too.

What This Is About

One of these days when we get organized there is going to be a handy 'About' Page for Café Metropole sparkling wine, but until then all the news is either on this page, or in recent past issues.

The Metropole Paris issue of three weeks ago introduced the new Café Metropole Blanc de Blanc sparklingphoto: label works wine here for almost the first time in world history. It make a brief appearance in a prototype form last December in New York, but it 'came out' officially two weeks ago.

The Moonlight label works, shown working.

This was followed up in last week's issue with some fascinating details about the winery itself, which is so new that it has no true 'lore.' This was followed up last week with a report about a 'Cold Snap' that didn't affect Café Metropole Blanc de Blanc because of the new wood-burning stove in 'The Shed,' as the winery is called by Allan.

Prize Eludes Café Metropole
Moonlightô and Café Metropoleô
by Allan Pangborn

Kennewick:- Saturday, 9. November:- The tasting tonight was a good introduction for Café Metropole Blanc de Blanc. About a thousand people were at it to test about 160 wines. There were ten sparkling wines in competition.

We didn't get a medal but judgings are always tough. I poured ten of the 12 bottles we were allowedphoto: tasting booth to bring. It's great if you win and 'oh well' if you don't. Not a bad 'oh well' for a first outing though.

There were many good responses and after a while people came up for samples saying others had told them to try our wine.

Café Metropole Blanc de Blanc at Moonlight's booth on Saturday.

My daughters did a great job decorating our space. We got half a table as we only had one wine to pour. I made a brochure to hand out about how to get Café Metropole Blanc de Blanc and we distributed them.

I'm taking the wine to two restaurants on Tuesday. And there's a quarterly Northwest Wine magazine and Café Metropole Blanc de Blanc is in the next issue.

A Bit of Bad News

Allan had to interrupt his report this week in order to get the elderly Moonlight pickup truck fixed. After Saturday night's wine tasting he wrote, "Truck still not fixed."

We had a long phone conversation earlier in the week and he told me this truck - not to be confused with the big white truck called 'The Slug' or the forklift truck named 'Moonbeam' - is a very aged Toyota that has had several colors.

I should take notes during these conversations on the telephone because quite a lot of lore is passed on by Allan. He told me which color the truck is now, but I can't remember whether it is red or off-white or the other way around, or none of these.

He also mentioned - um, I kind of forget. Here is Allan again:-

Café Metropoleô

If you intend to visit 'The Shed,' please contact me prior to your visit. The laws controlling alcohol, tobacco and firearms probably account for 3/4ths of all the laws ever written in the USA. The fact that I must be notified before your visit is more than one of them!

Ordering and Shipping

Cafe Metropoleô Sparkling Wine is available now to the residents of the following States:

California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.

There are two packages available:

Two 750 ml bottles for $52.00

Six 750 ml bottles for $136.00

The price includes packaging, handling and shipping costs. Shipment will be by UPS '3-day Select' and an adult signature is required for delivery.

Overnight or two-day shipment is an option. The shipping charge will be slightly more, so email your order to and include your ZIP Code so I can tell you the actual cost.

Terms: Payment by check or money order, to 'Cafe Metropole' is acceptable. It should be mailed to :

Cafe Metropole, 4704 West 12th Avenue, Kennewick, WA 99338

As the winery is just beginning operations, we do not yet have the means to process credit cards. We will be adding thisphoto: cafe metropole label service in the near future. Until then, we will appreciate your use of a check or money order.

Thank you.

Allan Pangborn, Winemaker
Café Metropole Blanc de Blancô
Moonlight Sparkling Wine Cellar, LLC
4704 West 12th Avenue
Kennewick, WA 99338 USA
Tel.: 509 - 735 72 37
Tours by appointment only.

Photos © Allan Pangborn
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