Number 8.33/34:- Monday, 18. Aug. 2OO3

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Update:- The Club 'Report' for Thursday, 21. August - "It Rained Like Sparerods"

The Club's 'Reports' for Thursdays 7. and 14. August - by Linda 'Cools' Thalman photo: morris, paris plage

Number 8.31/32:- Monday, 4. Aug 2OO3

The Club 'Report' for Thursday, 31. July - 'Island of the Week' Honored

Café Life - Lobsters' Short Lives - In New

'Au Bistro' - Al Gore Continues - Six Months' of Non-Candidacy

Free Jeans Included - Paris Life No. 13, by Laurel Avery

Number 8.3O:- Monday, 21. July 2OO3

Café Metropole - Django, Johann, and Edith - Creaking Floors

Au Bistro - News Item - Paris Is Hot, Hot, Hot, this Summer

No False Modesty - for Paris Plage

Tiny Points of Light - Paris Life No. 12, by Laurel Avery

The Club 'Report' for Thursday, 24. July - Nearly All Sports. Nearly?

Repeat Scene I - Paris Stays Open - Day and Night, All Summer

Repeat Scènes d'Eté - It's Party Time - For Residents and Visitors

This Week's Paris Posters I

This Week's Paris Posters II

Ric's Cartoon - "Where's this beach we're going to?"

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