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photo, group photo of the week, randall and josef, pont des arts Randall and Josef hold up the Pont des Arts.

It's Summer In April

by Ric Erickson

Paris:– Thursday, 12. April:–  If you are in Paris these days you will know I am not making it up about the exceptionally mild weather here. Folks really are walking around outside without umbrellas, although some ladies have parasols, and most folks are trying out their summer clothing to see if it has the right degree of skimpiness, see–thoroughness and plain latex, stretch plastics, wispy scarfs passing for skirts and many other choice items of attire to boggle the eyes.

Today at noon the thermometre was probably edging up to 25 degrees, slightly surpassing the forecast 24. The sky wasn't true–blue but it was putting up a close substitute. Winds were nil. It was a fore–taste of summer, a very rare occurrence here in April, but none of us intended to complain about it.

Today's Le Parisien asks if tomorrow is going to be good or bad. They have the whole country to think of but in this report we are only concerned with around here where we live. Spring is not about to return because it never went away. Some parts of France can expect cloudy times tomorrow but here isn't those parts. The forecast calls for sunshine with 23 degrees of temperature.

photo, sunshine on the seine and the quartier latinWeather outlook today – brilliant.

We can, if we really believe, expect Saturday to be even better with more better sunshine and a high of 25 degrees. It's like locked in because Sunday is going to be the same – sun, sun, sun – and I have bo doubt there will be surfing somewhere but it is unlikely to be around here even though the temperature is expected to be 25 again. Drink it all in and we're laughing!

The Summer In April Report

As a change of pace I left for the club early today. I like to do this sometimes in case I come across something new and unusual. But it seemed as if an extra 15 minutes wasn't sufficient for rewards by fate, that fickle mistress that is sometimes confused with luck, at least according to the famous philosopher Waldo Bini.

The sun was definitely blazing down on all out on the streets and byways of the Quartier Latin. This included the traffic angrily stacked up in the narrow rue Dauphine, the traffic clogging the left bank quai and for that matter, my personal bridge and the right bank quais. What could have been on their feeble minds, sitting in those overheated cars, trucks, city buses, police cars, ambulances, tour buses, delivery trucks, including motorcyclists and bicyclists? Who cares? I was pedestrian.

photo, today's waters Today's waters, welcome refreshment.

The club's café La Corona looked magnificent. Its red awnings screened the sunlight but turned everybody pink in their shade. The folks dressed more or less like the homeless, sprawled at their leisure on the terraces punctuated by the flitting waiters in the black and white official waiter costumes.

Inside was like outside with all the doors and most of the windows wide open, with the two exposures shifting slight breezes through the interior aided by differences in pressure and the languid arrival and departure of folks with a licence to be idle.

I contemplated this for for all of 30 seconds before turning to today's paper, Le Parisien. Oh, it was the usual stuff – the election, a strike at Orly, an argument about pay – some dude got canned and everybody is upset about his severance pot of 8 million euros. Nobody mentions that this was foreseen in his contract. Then the same company that paid him off fired 10,000 employees who hadn't done anything but work.

photo, randall with guitarRandall serenades the secretary.

Things like this become the theme of the day in the election campaign. How can so many people know so little about how things work? Anyway, further on in the paper there are the faits divers, golly, three whole pages of them. Oh my goodness! After the Paris section there is a four–page section devoted to Walt Disney. It's the 15th anniversary of – what's it called now? – Disneyland Resort Paris. The paper thanks monsieur Walt.

At about this moment Randall Rattray arrived to joint the club. Randall said he was from San Francisco, the city, and didn't seem to be anxious to proote his home town Mentor, Ohio which he left 30 years ago.

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