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photo, spot news, 21 june, the perfect sunset, long shadows A perfect sunset for the Fête de la Musique.

Issue 13.20:– Friday, 27. June

Today's Club Report for 26. June  –  Up 100 Steps  –  Uncle's Club for Climbers

Café Metropole –  The Life and Times  – of Shy Music Fans

Fête de la Musique  –  Photo  –  Loud Rock In the Night

Fête de la Musique  –  Photo  –  Red Light Rock Outside

Fête de la Musique  –  Photo  –  The Big Scene at Denfert

Fête de la Musique  –  Photo  –  Where's that Band?

The Club 'Report' for Thursday, 19. June –  An Aimable Shambles  –  With That Mood In De Go

This Week's Paris Posters I Posters II Posters III Posters IV

Ric's Cartoon – We Can Wait

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