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You Can Support Metropole

Paris:– Since February of 1996 readers like you have been reading issues of Metropole Paris weekly – or by the page. For the same period of time I have been producing Metropole, often with pleasure, but mostly without a compass.

This is one of the 'lost' times. To continue producing Metropole I need your support, in the form of voluntary contributions. Your help is needed today.

Think of Metropole Paris as 'Shareware'

Not many people have asked this question because Metropole Paris usually looks like an online magazine about Paris. In the beginning, Metropole was conceived for readers like you, as a weekly source of current information about Paris. This remains true today.

In 1995 there weren't any business models for a venture like this. So, in a way, Metropole was conceived as 'shareware' – with myself sharing Paris with you. For some reason, traditional advertising practices from print, radio and television were not carried over to the Web. Even today, advertising produces little revenue.

Kagi is an online software reseller, or retailer. Kagi has been selling shareware on behalf of software authors since before there was any 'online.' In the old days when I paid for shareware, sometimes I sent cash to Kagi. Recently I needed a specific software application for putting Metropole online, and I paid Kagi for it, and they in turn paid the software's creator.

For this reason, your contribution to support Metropole Paris will appear to be a purchase of software – in this case, the 'shareware' that is Metropole.

All you need do is visit the Metropole Paris contribution page to add your support via Kagi.

You may contribute as much or little as you choose. Support of any size is greatly appreciated. For accounting purposes, the suggested minimum contribution is $20. There is no limit to the amount or the number of times you can do this.

Kagi, Metropole's retailer, accepts American Express, Cart Blanche, Diner's Club, Discover, EuroCard, JCB, Optima, Nova, MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards.

Feedback from one of the first supporters suggests that you should enter only round figures in the little box on the contributions page. It is not necessary to type in a dollar sign, or a decimal, or cents.

Another thing to consider – you will be asked to add your card's 'security' number. On some cards it is on the front above the card number, and on others it is printed on the back. The 'security' number is either a 3–digit or 4–digit number, perhaps following the last four digits of your card's number.

Note – once you enter the necessary data and hit the 'submit' button, you have contributed to Metropole Paris. You will receive a 'thank you' email shortly thereafter as a confirmation.

Your contribution to support Metropole is not for a restricted–access 'subscription.' If you choose not to contribute your support, access to all of Metropole still remains free. Think of me as your own Paris Broadcasting System.

As with all other things in Metropole, none of the information relating to your contribution will be given away or sold to any third parties.

If you have any questions about making voluntary contributions – or any other subject – do not hesitate to write.

In appreciation – of 'readers like you,'
signature, regards, ric

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