Paris Tours In 1996

photo: cafe rue boulard

This list of articles is an extraction from Metropole's 1996 contents index, containing many tours that you can take. Some of the other articles are about exhibitions and salons. The links are shortcuts that will take you directly to the article. Credit and thanks for the idea go to Gary Jackson, who was right in thinking that Metropole's regular 'past issues' indexes are a bit obscure.

February 1996 March April May June July August
  • Palmy Days in the Bretagne – Low–Key Three Weeks in August
  • The entire Issue 1.27 – 26. August
  • The Boul'Mich in Rippling Shadows – Why do Thousands Throng the Boulevard St. Michel?
  • A Little Stroll Down Vaugirard – From Boul'Mich to Porte de Versailles
  • The entire Issue 1.31 – 23. September
  • Utrillo – Born Nobody on Montmartre – Buried There, Famous
  • The entire Issue 1.32 – 30. September
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